VARO HDMI Repeater (REP-300)

VARO-REPEATER extends the reach of HDMI signal of HDMI cable with its equalizer. With this device, the desired length of HDMI signal transmission can be easily accomplished either in home uses or professional installations. The VARO-REPEATER is well suited when there is a bigger distance between the HDMI player and the HDMI TV set.



  • Full function of HDMI audio and video
  • 40 meters of HDMI signal extension (35m between HDMI source and repeater, 5m between repeater and TV)
  • Maintaining resolution 1080p with highest HDMI single link video quality
  • Zinc alloy housing for durable and long-lasting use. Stylish look and good EMI elimination
  • No external power is need when using without daisy chain




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