About Us

For over two decades, we have been working on the designs, productions and services for people's computing life and home entertainment experiences. With our specialties in PC and AV markets, we have established very good reputation and relationship among our factories and co-companies from many pleasant experiences of OEM, ODM and co-projects.

In the middle of 2008, We announced our own brand name "VARO-TEK®".VARO-TEK®". This is a new milestone for our branding to provide better services to our customers. Also, create a diversified and clever choice to friends everywhere around the world.

On our PC components and accessories, cable assembly business, home entertainment device products and various types of wire and cable, We accomplish the goal of providing reliable and high quality goods. To do this, we always work closely with our design houses and production units. We believe our quality products will tighten your heart.

VARO-TEK.  On performance; In style; Your colorful experience.



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