HDMI (Type A) to Mini-HDMI (Type C) Adapters

These HDMI Type C Mini adapters use the new smaller HDMI connector that offer enhanced audio and video performance in a mini connector for SONY Handi-cam , PS3 and other camcorders, and future other small devices.
It supports HDMI 1.4 but without Ethernet.

This adapter is capable of supporting resolutions up to 1080p ( 1920 x 1080 ). and certified for HDMI 1.3 compatibility and therefore are compatible to all possible video resolutions and digital audio standards that are available via HDMI type C connection.

  • HDMI (Type A) Male to Mini-HDMI (Type C) Female Adapter  
  • Mini-HDMI (Type C) Male to HDMI (Type A) Female Adapter




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