Mini Displayport -VGA Adapter

Description -

Mini-DisplayPort is a miniaturized version of DisplayPort,  This Mini-DP adapters that will allow you to connect your new laptop to the widely used current standards of VGA interface.

  1. Supports up to 1920x1200 resolutions (single link).
  2. EDID pass-through from source to display 
  3. 5.4Gbp Bandwidth over 2 lanes.   
  4. Integrated triple 10bit - 162 Mhz Video DAC for analog VGA singal output - Spread spectrum (de-spreading) for EMI reduction.
  5. Automatic sink detection.
  6. Powered by Mini Displayport source


This adapter does NOT support analog signal. 
It will only output a digital signal.
Audio is not possible on a Mac via Mini DP alone.




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